Acne Spa Treatment

The Original Vi Peel

$ 250

This medium-depth peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients which helps to clarity and improves your skin tone, texture, and anti-aging benefits while helping prevent future damage to the skin.

Clarity Salicylic Peel

$ 175

Our 30% salicylic will dissolve dead skin cells that can trap dirt and sebum which cause acne, helping reveal brighter, fresher, clearer skin. Followed by customized finishing products.

Sho-Stopper Back Treatment

$ 155

Don't forget your back! This ultimate back treatment will cleanse and rejuvenate while removing impurities, exfoliate and revitalize your skin.


OSVI Dermaplane

$ 65

The ultimate exfoliation treatment for your face.

LED Light-Sho Therapy

$ 50

Skin-loving and healing medical LED light therapy catered to your specific skin care needs.

OSVI Sho-Stopper Back

$ 65

This back facial will cleanse and rejuvenate while exfoliating and removing impurities.

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