Surgical excision is recommended for malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions and growths.


This procedure is performed under local anesthetic in our fully-equipped office and takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size of the lesion. Once the target lesion is removed, it is sent to the lab for microscopic examination, and the area is brought back together with stitches to allow a faster healing time. These stitches may be dissolvable, where they will be absorbed by your body over the next 90 days, or non-dissolvable, where they will need to be removed in 7-14 days. Depending on the treatment area, it takes approximately 2-6 weeks to heal from an excisional procedure, however, most can immediately resume normal daily activities.

Follow up?

We always recommended follow-up appointments after excisional procedures to address and optimize the cosmetic results of the scar.